Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learn about Patent Searches - I

In the last posts, discussion was running about Patent Drawings, Patent searches (Accelerated Examination Search, Freedom To Operate, Patentability Search, Patent Watch). There are some more searches to analysis, infringe, proofing the patent and all the patent services.

Patent Proofreading

This search is performed to reduce the mistakes in the issued patent document which effects you patent claims. We may need to spend many hours to catch errors manually, but if left uncorrected can lead to major consequences. Proofreading the document reduces your cost and time.

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search

This search is normally done by a user or manufacturer or seller of a product upon another patent's product, when they have doubt that their product may infringe a patent.

State of the Art Search

This is also known as Collection Search. The state-of-the-Art search is designed to provide information regarding the recent development in technology in the given field.

Google also provides targeted search engine for patents, in United States Patent and Trademark Organization(USPTO) we can search the issued patents and patent applications.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learn about Patent Searches

We have seen the types of patent search, patent illustrations and the patent application process. Now lets start discussing about the patent search types and the narrow difference between the all.

Accelerated Examination Search:

The USPTO launched Accelerated Examination Program on 25-08-2006. The main purpose of this program is to provide qualified applicants within the last one year from the date of the application's filing. The applicant has to submit the Accelerated Examination Support Document (AFSD) to find the expired and unexpired patents.

Freedom To Operate:

A Freedom to Operate is also called as 'Clearance Search' or 'Right to use Search'. Freedom to Operate search includes the verification of Infringement search of unexpired US patents. These searches helps to find expired, unexpired patents and provide proper evidence of an invention which is already existing.


A patentability search is also called as Novelty Search. Patentability search is performed to find whether an invention meets the necessities of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. This Patentability search is usually performed before preparing the patent application to find whether our idea or invention meets the relevant legal conditions to be patented.

Patent Watch:

Patent Watch is a process for monitoring and tracking system of both newly published patent applications and issued patents on regular interval basis. The patent watch is again classified into two types. Technical Patent Watch (Monitor newly issued patents in a particular technical area) and Competitor Patent Watch (Monitor newly issued patents of a competitor inventions).

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to get patent rights?

From present immemorial, the system of patents has been evolving to advance new ideas and inventions, gradually setting structure to the entire operation. An inventor can use an exclusive right on the invented object, and protect the same from illegal pattern for a limited period, and can improve the costs incurred on the research and development by commercializing the creativity to better help society.

it is critical to obtain a document to protect the innovation from being copied and sold by others. In order to get these papers rights, a set of patent illustrations need to be appointed to the document duty. This includes patent drawings, illustrations, designs, and graphics. Patent illustrations explain about the new invention in an ordered manner. The design is drew in the form of a diagram by using latest technologies like GUI, and is equipped with the creation and is USPTO compliant.

A patent application typically constitutes patent illustrations/drawings of an creation, which make it understandable and presentable, reflecting every feature of the claim determined in the application. The USPTO examine applications carefully and if the application falls short of meeting the terms and conditions set by the body, it is deemed refused. To refrain such scenarios, many applicants are looking to professionals to get the job finished without any faults.

Patent drawings
A patent drawing should contemplate the details of the invention claimed in the patent application. It should be in compliance of the standards required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office .

Patent illustrations
A patent illustration is a drawing that shows the picture of an invention. It is drawn using latest tools with proper dimensions/calculations for accuracy.

Patent graphics
Patent graphics are used to display graphical pictures of an invention.

Patent design
A patent design is used especially for items like jewelery, beverage containers, furniture, and so on. The design should be in total accordance of the claim.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looooong list of Patent Search Types

The Patent searches are performed to know weather the invention of you idea is already existing or valid. Patent searches(Issued Patents, Patent Applications) are done at United States Patent and Trademark(USPTO) Office Databases. USPTO Patent number Searching allows the user to search from 1790 to the present(entire database) and it takes hours to perform a search. With the patent search we can monitor the newly published patents, and get a general idea of a patent in any particular country.

Different Types of Patent Searches are listed below:

Patentability/Novelty Search
Infringement Search
Patent Watches
Right-to-Use/Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search
Accelerated Examination
Chemical Search
Claim Product Mapping
File Wrapper
Opposition Search
Patent Analysis
Patent Mapping
Patent Proofreading

Monday, November 16, 2009

Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Law rights are legal rights granted by governmental authorities to protect your designs, symbols, words, phrases and Ideas. Some common types of intellectual property include patents to protect inventions, copyright Infringement, trademarks, design rights.

Intellectual Property Services

Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to prevent the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, architectural works and certain other intellectual works. The duration of a copyright depends on the date work created.

Design:Design patent protects the original, structural or ornamental appearance of a new invention and it is granted by United States Patent and Trademark Office. But it doesn't protect functional features of the design. Application process for a design patent is much simpler, short and follows a predefined form.

Trademarks: Trademark Protect symbols, words, sounds, names and many other. Registering your trademark gives you the right to use for the goods or services that you cover. If you have not registered your trademark you can still be infringe someone who uses your mark on their services by common law of passing off.

Patent: Patent protects your new inventions, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Generally, the duration of a patent is 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed. You can also search for Issued patents and Patent applications here.