Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learn about Patent Searches - I

In the last posts, discussion was running about Patent Drawings, Patent searches (Accelerated Examination Search, Freedom To Operate, Patentability Search, Patent Watch). There are some more searches to analysis, infringe, proofing the patent and all the patent services.

Patent Proofreading

This search is performed to reduce the mistakes in the issued patent document which effects you patent claims. We may need to spend many hours to catch errors manually, but if left uncorrected can lead to major consequences. Proofreading the document reduces your cost and time.

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search

This search is normally done by a user or manufacturer or seller of a product upon another patent's product, when they have doubt that their product may infringe a patent.

State of the Art Search

This is also known as Collection Search. The state-of-the-Art search is designed to provide information regarding the recent development in technology in the given field.

Google also provides targeted search engine for patents, in United States Patent and Trademark Organization(USPTO) we can search the issued patents and patent applications.


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